If, like me, you’re growing tired of being indoors, and missing out on real human connection, then Ace Interstellar is the ultimate event for you.

I reached out to a few fellow entrepreneurs and asked, “what's the best way for us to disconnect and rebuild ourselves into this new world?”
Following their advice, I envisioned a mastermind unlike the typical "events" we go to - something that would bring people together and go beyond the traditional human experience. 
As part of this intimate experience, I will be giving you the opportunity to access amazing speakers, take part in mindfulness activities and experience an unbelievable transformation.I will be bringing together the best and brightest of my clients and my network, and together…
...we will create amazing things.
(Based on sole occupancy)
 (Based on dual occupancy)
Mikey Sheridan.
Mikey Sheridan is a passionate entrepreneur who chases change instead of money. He has developed multiple companies with multiple 6-figure months. He pivoted into his passion project, Ace High Coaching, where he develops programs based around personal development to scale your life in all facets and curates the most transformational events around the world. Lastly, he is the host of Ace Interstellar! 

"I look forward to seeing you attend Ace Interstellar, knowing this event will change your life in ways you could never imagine."

Liz Leonard
Experienced Wellness & Life Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP, MER & Hypnosis, and Somatic Healer who specializes in Stress & Anxiety. 
With a profound understanding of the mind-body connection, I specialize in empowering you to somatically heal your relationship with emotions and anxiety through Nervous System Regulation and Energetics. My mission is to help others heal their dysregulated systems from unresolved trauma & stuck emotions to step into autonomy, self-expression and safety to embrace change and cultivate a greater sense of purpose. We no longer have to live a life driven through protection mechanisms from past traumas, with this work we are able to choose our reality & manifest our deepest desires into our physical world. 
Bri Morrison
Bri is the founder & CEO of Buff & Paid, a multi-7 figure coaching company helping women start and scale their online health & fitness coaching business. Her true passion is empowering others to truly know themselves and reprogram their minds and bodies to attract success. She lives in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

Sam Harper
Samantha Harper is an executive leadership coach, sound healer, and three-time cancer survivor who helps high-performance leaders increase their efficiency and impact through her creative approach to deep coaching.

Samantha holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling with over twenty thousand hours of experience in a clinical setting. Her areas of expertise include expressive art therapy and trauma. Her experience working with some of the most challenging populations allowed her to develop transformative solutions even for those with immense barriers to success.
Her unique process for uncovering obstacles allows her to pull from several modalities and apply her diverse knowledge to create individualized solutions for each of her clients.

She has walked with thousands of people in their transformational journey towards developing their awareness, honing their interpersonal skills, building deeper emotional intelligence, and enhancing conscious leadership skills –all yielding measurable results and sustainable change. Samantha’s passion for human potential is evident in her commitment to her clients and their success.
Braxton Kilgo 
Braxton Kilgo is a serial entrepreneur who limitlessly scales entrepreneurial visions and is an impact visionary driven by instilling belief in others.

He owns the digital marketing and production agency, Digicast, where his team specializes in organic marketing and omni-present social media strategies to help grow and scale influencers & businesses across the globe. Braxton also owns many other ecom brands in the fashion, tech, and mental health space. 

He’s is an entrepreneur who has a passion and desire to see people succeed in every area of their lives.

Gabriela Couto
Astonishing Yoga Instructor who specializes in delivering yoga for all levels at retreats

Gabriela has a deep passion for helping people of all skill levels obtain a healthier lifestyle through practicing yoga.

Gabriela understands what it is like to go through busy work days as an entrepreneur herself and developed a way to release stress by doing yoga and she is very excited to share these skill sets with those attending Ace Interstellar.

Matt James Hersh
Matt James Hersh is a Life & Business Master Coach. He is the co-founder of Impact Accelerator - the business accelerator that he has taken 100+ coaches and healers through to help them unlock their full entrepreneurial potential to build a wildly profitable, industry-leading lifestyle business, while living with ultimate freedom.
Over the last three years, Matt has immersed himself into the world of energy and spirituality. He is a certified breathwork healer, has attended Tony Robbins Date With Destiny, Week-Long Retreats with Dr. Joe Dispenza, and has 1000’s of hours of energy work and conscious awareness practice under his belt. 
Dr. Valerie Sheridan
From medical school to the C-Suite with a few stops to the operating room along the way, Dr. Valerie Sheridan asserts a deep passion for the osteopathic surgical profession that is continually expressed in her efforts as a leader in medical/surgical education, volunteerism, mentorship, and
patient care. 

 Her passion persists in mentoring future leaders and furthering education through academics, CME, and collaborative groups. She is currently the CEO for the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons.

Michael Sheridan

Served in United States Army as Military Police 1973-1975 K-9 Unit. Graduated in 1981 from Michigan State University. 

Worked as a policeman and as a fireman while an undergraduate. 

Graduated top ten in class from Cooley Law School 1988. Worked in the State of Michigan Attorney General’s Office while attending Law School. Worked as a trial attorney for Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office assigned to elite Anti-Drug team, Special Appointee to the U.S. Attorneys Office in Detroit Michigan, and Litigation Counsel for CMS Energy. 

Currently Managing Partner of a law firm

Nicholas Clay
Nicholas Cassius Clay, like many, had a mind full of thoughts, triggers, and trauma. The day he stumbled across mindfulness was the day he saw a path toward a clear and peaceful mind. In the days since his personal journey began, he has been able to silence his mind with meditation and release stored/stuck negative energy in the form of triggers and traumas with various mental tools he's acquired. In October 2020, he founded Being One World LLC so he could offer mindfulness teaching and coaching to those looking for a holistic path to clarity, inner peace, and increased business performance, among many other benefits.
The mission of Being One World is to empower and support people to be their most powerful expression of themselves while maintaining a clear and balanced state of mind. He accomplishes this by guiding clients to operate from their higher states of consciousness. This involves teaching clients various mental tools and supporting clients with coaching on using these tools effectively. 
Nicholas's ultimate goal is to continue teaching, coaching, and advocating mindfulness because of its power in healing the mind, increasing awareness, creating healthy relationships, and building community. The more influential the client and or bigger the organization, the better. Mindfulness and enlightenment will only ever reach the masses through a collective unified effort. 
Justin Court
Justin Court is a Love Activist, Podcast Host, and the Founder of Spread Love Movement, an online community and page 500k people strong, dedicated to bringing a little more love into your daily life. Love is who you are, and Justin’s on a mission to help remind everyone of this deep and universal truth. He has devoted his life to aid in the shift of the planet's collective consciousness to be more loving, open, forgiving, empathetic, kind, peaceful, accepting, and understanding; essentially a consciousness that is ONE. He asks every single guest on The Spread Love Movement Podcast this one question and invites you to look deep into yourself and answer it...“How are you contributing to this sort of a positive shift in consciousness every single day?”. It’s a beautiful and deeply important question to ask ourselves. Justin thrives and feels his best when he is in service, whether that’s helping someone start their own gratitude practice, reminding someone of their infinite potential and ability to create anything, or his favorite – helping people change their thoughts so that they can change their lives to one filled with more love, peace, happiness, and joy. 

Devin Burr
From bankrupt at 31 to multi million by 36. At 31 years old, as a full time single father Devin had $300 to his name. He had to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2016. No longer able to afford the apartment he lived in, he had to rent a room from a friend. Over the next 3 years he slowly turned things around. In October 2019 he walked away from his corporate job to pursue Real Estate Investing full time. He started with wholesaling and flipping properties then transitioned to the BRRRR method and branded himself as MR. BRRRR. During the Pandemic in March of 2020 he learned about how to become The bank and started leveraging Infinite Banking with all his real estate deals. This was allowing him to multiply money very quickly so he started sharing this new knowledge with everyone that he could. This led him to sharing on social media which quickly turned into a large following that is now over 1 million people. He has used his influence through social media to create partnerships, passive income and accelerated wealth by simply sharing his knowledge of finances and creating wealth.  

Ryan Horst
Ryan Horst is an entrepreneur that started the cryptocurrency community & consulting company, Blockchain Insight Group, also known as BIG Crypto.

Hey Ryan has shared the stage with the likes of Daymond John and Elena Cardone and spends a lot of his time speaking all over the globe about the intricacies of crypto currency and blockchain
Here’s what you get with your ticket:
  • Accommodation in the Mayan jungle in Mexico
  • ​All meals and soft beverages
  • Networking Celebration of Life Ceremony
  • ​Private cenote and pool on-site access
  • Four solid days of business and personal developmental presentations with optional workout sessions
  • ​Temazcal ceremony
  • ​Yoga everyday
  • ​Tibetan sound healing ceremony
  • ​Mayan Ruins Hike.
  • There is more to look forward to, book a call to find out!
If you want a glimpse of what our highly-successful and community-driven Masterminds look like, take a look at the video below:
I have previously hosted a series of highly successful masterminds, each being centred around fitness, wellbeing, health and helping people find their spiritual alignment.
This time we’re doing something we’ve never done before…

This is one event you won’t want to miss!

For the FIRST TIME EVER we are hosting a 5-day retreat into the heart of the Mayan Jungle, where myself and other globally renowned entrepreneurs will be taking you on a journey like you’ve never experienced before...

My goal is for you to walk away from this experience completely transformed with a sense of self-fulfilment.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to:
Transform yourself through inner peace
Create your own destiny
Move beyond the human experience
There has never been a better time to transform your mindset, health and spiritual vibe.
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